Tips on El Al Cheap Flights to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a very popular tourist destination because it serves as the hub for major airlines. You will find a lot of major airlines that offer cheap flights to Tel Aviv. El Al is the best choice of airline for people who want to travel to Tel Aviv in Israel. El Al is the national airline of Israel and it offers flights services to three local destinations in Israel. The prices of El Al is comparable with other major airlines.

El Al planes are clean and they are equipped with amenities such as in flight entertainment and comfortable seats with an adequate leg rooms. The crews onboard are friendly and they will take care of you if you are ill or have disability. They will usually show at least one movie on the overhead screen on the flight for every passenger to watch.

Tel Aviv

El Al’s hub is located at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv so you will land in Tel Aviv if you board the flight. From Tel Aviv, you can visit other places in Israel by traveling in public transportation such as taxi, bus and train. This makes El Al a great choice for people who are visiting other places in Israel such as Jerusalem.

It is very safe to travel with El Al because the passenger airplanes are actually converted from military airplanes. The pilots and other crews are ex-soldiers of Israel national army. They are well trained and know what to do in case of a dangerous event that happen on the plane.

Usually, El Al has a very strict guideline for boarding passengers. Their crew is blunt and straightforward and they will ask you a lot of questions for example how much is your salary, what is your purpose of visiting Israel and etc. They ask a lot of questions as a safety step to reduce the chance of terrorist boarding the plane.

Sometimes, you may be asked to undergo a second round of checks. There is no need to be afraid if you are asked to undergo a second round of check because the plane will wait for you. The most important thing is to be patient and polite with the crew who is interrogate you with questions.

There are a variety of food served aboard the flights and these food are both nutritious and delicious. They usually start serving the food about 10 minutes after the flight has took off. It takes the stewardess about 1 – 1.5 hour to go around the passengers on their seats to serve them the food. If you want to use toilet, you should use it after the flight take off because you won’t be able to go to toilet when the meals are being served.

The meals served on the flight is kosher friendly which means that they are designed to be suitable for Jewish people. They offers kids meals for kids but kids have the options to eat meals served for grown ups. It takes a longer time for the kids to receive their special meals so you may want to skip it.

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