My 10 Most Memorable Birthright Israel Trip Experiences

The Birthright Israel trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being a Jew, I just knew that I had to take one of these trips when I first learned about it. The trip is very well-planned by the Birthright Israel Organization and I have to say that it’s by far one of the best foreign trip I have been on. I explored a lot and made many new friends on the trip. To give you a better idea of my experiences, I have compiled a list of the most memorable experiences that I had on my journey.

  1. Climbing Masada

Climbing Masada was probably the most humbling experience I have had on any trip. I had read about the fortification and the history behind it, but reading about something is completely different than actually experiencing it yourself. The climb to Masada at sunrise and the view from the top literally took my breath away. Of course, I had to Instagram it.

Birthright Israel

  1. Camel Rides

Make no mistake: The Birthright Israel trip will have you huffing and puffing before you know it. The camel rides are a lot of fun. Before this, I had never ridden a camel before. Travelling in the sweltering heat, I realized I drank a lot more water than the camels.

  1. Jumping in the Dead Sea

Everybody’s read about it, but very few people actually get the chance to explore it. The Dead Sea is famous because you can’t drown there due to the excessive sodium in the water. Just don’t shave before jumping in the Dead Sea.

  1. Meeting the Israeli Soldiers

The mifgashis when you get to meet Israeli soldiers during the trip. Believe me, there are no words to describe it. Everybody’s really friendly and kind towards each other.

  1. The Food!

The food in Israel is an experience in itself. I have never tasted better hummus, and before visiting Israel, I didn’t know that falafel is more than just food: it’s a way of life.

  1. Jerusalem

Words do not do justice to the beauty of Jerusalem. Thousands of years of history are compressed in one location and there’s just no way to express what you feel when you see the historic sites and places such as the Western Wall.

  1. Camping

The Birthright Israel trips literally redefined camping for me.

  1. Bus Rides

You will get to ride the bus with around 50 other people. Carry a bit of Dramamine if you get sick easily.

  1. Shabbat

The experience of calling your mom after Shabbat night is the best ever. Many of my friends wanted to extend their trip afterwards.

  1. Meeting New People

The best thing I can say about the trip is that I got to meet many new people. I made so many new friends during the trip.

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