Labuan Bajo Accommodation That Will Give You the Amazing Holiday

Labuan Bajo offers you many nice things that you will never forget. The beauty of this tourism spot is as good as many other places in Indonesia. Unfortunately, most of the travelers chose the wrong Labuan Bajo accommodation that made them think that Labuan Bajo is not as good as some other tourism spots in Indonesia. To make sure that you are not getting the same impression, you have to pick the best accommodation that will give you the nice and enjoyable vacation in Labuan Bajo. If you do not know the best hotels where you can simply enjoy the beauty of Labuan Bajo, here are some of those hotels that are worth to try in Labuan Bajo.


    • The first one is Kanawa Island Bungalow. As the name implies, this bungalow is located on the Kanawa Island. This bungalow can be considered as the cheapest of all since you will only need to spend about 70 dollars a night for the standard bungalow. Even though this bungalow has the kind of local style with the traditional looking design, this accommodation will never disappoint you. That is because you can see the beautiful beach in front of your windows. This way, you will be able to run to the beautiful beach anytime that you want.
    • The second one is Puri Komodo Resort. This one is a little bit similar with the first one, but the overall design of this bungalow is a little bit more modern compared with the Kanawa Island. Because of that thing, you will need to spend about 100 dollars a night if you want to get a room on this amazing Labuan Bajo accommodation. For your consideration, one of the best things from this bungalow is the fact that the bungalow is located near the beach that offers you the beauty of its underwater coral garden. This way, diving will be much closer so that you can dive anytime that you want.
    • The last one is Komodo Dive Resort in Sebayur. This one is the best that you can get since this bungalow is located on a small island of Sebayur. When you spend your nights on this bungalow, you will feel as is you own the island since the size of the island is considerably small. As an addition to that, this bungalow also offers you the package that you might be interested at. This way, you just need to pay once to get all of the facilities that you need starting from 125 dollars a night. For your consideration, this bungalow is great if you are taking your families with you too.


    Those are some nice accommodations in Labuan Bajo that you might want to try if you are visiting this place. For your consideration, all of those accommodations surely offer you the considerably nice budget to spend. Even though, you can make sure that spending the money for the rooms are worth to do. You will never disappointed spending your money on one of the rooms in one of those accommodations

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