Amarkantak is a beautiful town of Madhya Pradesh that has lots of pilgrimages. For that only, it is also known as the king of pilgrimages in this state, and local people also called by the name Tirthraj. It is also the meeting point of Satpura, Maikal, and Vindhya ranges. You can find the origin of the Holy River Narmada in these mountains. The forest of this region is known for their vast variety of medicinal plants. It is also a place full of flora and fauna where numerous species of animals, insects, and herbs develop in the lap of Mother Nature. The scenic beauty of the area attracts thousands of tourists from various corners of the planet.

Madhya Pardesh

Kabir chabutra

This beautiful place is situated on the banks of Narmada River, and it is believed that Saint Kabir attained enlightenment at this place. Local people also believe that during special occasions milk comes from unknown water sources in the rocks. It is also the sacred worship place for the Kabir Panth community. There is also a pond that has a white liquid flowing at the bottom.

Shri Yantra Mandir

This is the only temple in the country dedicated to Sri Yantra, and it is situated on the banks of Narmada River. The temple looks very old, and according to local belief, the construction of the temple begins every year around Diwali and continues for one month. The architecture of the temple is marvelous, and many archaeologists are impressed with the temple.

Doodh Dhara Falls

The Amazing waterfalls are very close to Sant Durvasa cave, and you can see the complete glory of Narmada in milky white color at this location. Even though it is a very small waterfall, it attracts a lot of visitors due to the serene beauty surrounding the entire location. The best time to come to this place is after the rainy season so that you can get to see the complete range of waterfalls.

Narmada udgam temple

The amazing Temple has a small Kund that is believed to be the origin place of Narmada River. Many people come here to perform Aarti and get the blessings of the Holy River. The arati is performed every evening, and it is the biggest attraction of this place. You can spend a peaceful time with your family members at this location.

Kalachuri Temple

This is a group of temples built by the kalachuri king during 1000 AD. It is situated next to the Narmada temple complex and reminds of the glorious past of this place. This temple is maintained and operated by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Kapil Dhara waterfalls

The splendid beauty of Narmada River can be seen in this location, and you will be excited with the amazing landscape around the waterfalls. The entire area is surrounded by natural forest, and you can have a wonderful time at this place. It is the best to visit this place during the October month after the completion of rainy season. More places to Visit in India can be found here.Amarkantak-The-Pilgrim-town-of-Madhya-Pradesh

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